What Are The Benefits & Key Features Of Wheat-Grass?

At liquid health the wheatgrass goes through a scientific, controlled and healthy environment, before its extracted and delivered to you. This process is known as Hydroponic Process, which generally means growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil.

The computerized machine provides controlled environmental and super hygienic conditions for accelerated plant growth. The technology is patented and certified. We take our products to extensive lab researches to provide you the best quality wheatgrass throughout the year.

When we think of agriculture, most of us imagine large, lush fields of colourful crops. But given the pressures of climate conditions, rising health problems, and growing concerns about pesticide or chemical-free cultivation, we need to change the way we process and harvest the crops/vegetables, so that our body can extract the highest and the purest form of minerals, proteins,vitamins and other enzymes, without harsh side-effects. However, Scientists also believes that hydroponically grown products have more chances of being good for consumers’ health because there is no contact with the ground. This reduces the risk of getting disease organisms from soil and manure.

The benefits of Hydroponic Cultivation.

  • The protein content of hydroponics green feed is found to be almost 3 times that of the conventional cultivation process.
  • Plants need water, sunshine, and nutrients. They do not have to get their nutrients from the soil. In soil, the nutrients are dilute and the plant has to spend considerable time and energy spreading its roots to find the nutrients that it needs. In a hydroponic system, the plant does not have to spend this energy seeking nutrients, which means that they do not need such an extensive root system. Hydroponic plants can grow as much as two times as fast as their soil-grown counterparts can because they do not have to expend the energy to develop an extensive root .
  • It provides a sterile environment for plant production. This technique does not require pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals, as there’s no chance of damage due to soil-borne diseases or pests.
    • chemical-free and pesticide free cultivation
    • high in enzymes
    • Computerized and controlled process to grow and germinate the wheatgrass seeds to the utmost quality
    • Studies have shown Hydrophonic processed vegetables and herbs have a Shelf life of 19.5 days compaired to soil farmed fresh vegetables having a shelf life of 16.5 days
    • Less frequent occurrence of diseases because of the absence of soil which a bacteria growth media
And moreover many scientific studies and journals have already been published proving that hydroponics cultivated process has higher contents of certain vitamins than field grown cultivation process . The study was carried out in San Jose, California, by Plant Research Technologies Incorporated. The study showed a dramatic increase in vitamins and minerals in hydroponics, in some cases up to 50% higher vitamin content.

Liquid Health's products are safer than the Organically grown products available in the market as the seeds are not exposed to pests,air pollution, airborne diseases, flood, drought and storm damage. Many diseases come directly from the soil. Hydroponic cultivation process eliminates the potential for diseases in the soil. It also allows the grower to control precisely the environment so that it gets exactly what it needs and when it needs.