What Is The Evidence?

Wheatgrass is a natural source of vitamins and minerals, it also contains crude chlorophyll (as opposed to pure) and can be taken orally without any side effects. Chlorophyll is antibacterial and can be used inside and outside the body as a natural healer. The United States Army exposed guinea pigs to lethal doses of radiation. The guinea pigs fed chlorophyll-rich vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli had half the mortality rate as those fed a non-chlorophyll diet. Millions of available scientific evidence does prove wheatgrass having the highest concentration of chlorophyll compared to most green vegetables, it's also been proven that a wheatgrass diet can cure or prevent many chronic diseases, the list goes up to more than 550 diseases.

Dr. Birscher, a research scientist, called chlorophyll "concentrated sun power." He said, "chlorophyll increases the function of the heart, affects the vascular system, the intestines, the uterus, and the lungs."

Dr. R. Redpath and J. C. Davis found chlorophyll packs inserted into the sinuses had a drying effect, clearing up congestion, and giving immediate relief. Congested head colds started clearing up within 24 hours. They have successfully treated over 10,000,00 patients ranging in age from very young children to elderly people. All of them were suffering from a wide variety of ailments such as head colds, acute inflammation, hay fever, and acute sinus infections.

Benjamin Gruskin, M.D. recommends In the American Journal of Surgery (1940), chlorophyll for its antiseptic benefits. The article suggests the following clinical uses for chlorophyll: to clear up foul smelling odors, neutralize Strep infections, heal wounds, hasten skin grafting, cure chronic sinusitis, overcome chronic inner ear inflammation and infection, reduce varicose veins and heal leg ulcers, eliminate impetigo and other scabby eruptions, heal rectal sores, successfully treat inflammation of the uterine cervix, get rid of parasitic vaginal infections, reduce typhoid fever, and cure advanced pyorrhea in many cases.

Dr. Earp Thomas said, "Wheat is the king of all grain foods". He found that an ounce of wheatgrass in a gallon of fluoridated water would turn the fluorine into harmless calcium-phosphate-fluoride compound. Used in wash water it adds softness to the face and hands. In the bath, it is most soothing. It stops bleeding, eases itching, and helps sores and pimples to heal. Dr. Thomas further discovered that fruits and vegetables contaminated by sprays were thoroughly cleaned and the negative food transformed by wash water with a wisp of wheatgrass placed in the water.

A small study from 2002 found that patients with ulcerative colotis (inflammation of the colon) saw their symptoms improve after they were given 100ml of wheatgrass juice daily for a month

A small study from 2004 of 32 patients with a blood disorder called thalassaemia found that half of the patients required fewer blood transfusions when 100ml (3.5oz) of wheatgrass juice was taken daily for three years.

Thus researches and scientific journals published world wide proves wheatgrass the most effective and powerful natural source for healing and preventing diseases. Wheatgrass is not to be viewed as a food; it is a potent healing agent if used carefully and cautiously.